Wednesday, 23 March 2011


It has been said that looks counts more than anything and speaks for you, and when it comes to giving the best looks to your home, Lawn comes right towards the main entrance which should be given the most beautiful looks. Looks that inspires, fascinates and pleases your guests. There are several Vancouver landscaping companies which help you in giving your lawn the most elegant look. Vancouver landscaping companies are currently operating in Port Coquitlam, north and West Vancouver, port mood and maple ridge which are all the cities that are located in Vancouver and provide services of lawn care Vancouver, may it be commercial, or Vancouver residential lawn care.

They provide residential as well as Vancouver residential lawn care as well as some landscape maintenance by making sure that the surroundings amongst you are elegant, healthy, safe and attractive. it is a natural phenomenon that beautiful and safe surroundings elevates your mood as well as suppresses your depression or a situation of anxieties. So when you will have a tension free mood then automatically you will have healthy relations with your family, a thorough and dedicated passions towards work which will further boosts your profit and make you live a sound stable life. 

Lawn care Vancouver is equipped with latest and up to date technological instruments that can give a glorious Vancouver residential lawn care. Besides this, Vancouver landscaping are said to have a well groomed and trained staff with gives your lawn exactly the care and look that one wishes for. Besides this, Vancouver landscaping companies also tailor their procedures according to the weather change which is the most important aspect which should be taken care of while mowing your lawn. Vancouver landscaping provides the following services, which according to me are all of the cares that your lawn would need.

·        Annual plantation which includes annual and seasonal planting
·        Periodic weeding
·        Fertilization of the lawn by using the most effective and quality fertilizers
·        All the essential gardening needs
·        Irrigation
·        Lawn cutting on regular basis
·        Intense care of the lawn especially in winters, which includes snow removal, spraying certain fertilizers which protects your plants from sever weather condition
·        Maintenance of the path that are mostly made in between the gardens for walking purposes
·        Shrub pruning

Besides this, Vancouver landscaping are currently serving sites such as apartment and warehouse complexes, strata properties ( may it be small or large ), retail canters, nursing homes and school, many famous industrial sites, retail properties, assisted living residences, commercial offices and building, churches , restaurant and storage facilities. Not only this, Vancouver landscaping has also provided its services to many of the golf clubs that are located in Vancouver, which can be viewed incase you want to see the elegant services that they have provided to them.

I would suggest to at least giving one chance to the Vancouver landscaping as they are the top most priority of several Vancouver residencies and famous commercial places.


Due to the intense weather conditions that Vancouver faces, lawn care Vancouver is very important aspect. The commercial as well as the vancouver residential lawn care has to be done effectively and timely in order to make your lawn elegant an glorious, as the total looks of the place will change, no matter how luxurious it is, only if the lawn care is not done properly.

There are times when you have a busy schedule and cannot do your lawn by yourself, for this purpose you can contact the Vancouver landscaping companies which are mastered in lawn care with a staff having expertise in lawn care. They have well equipped and up to date equipment which can be used to mow your lawn properly and efficiently. Besides this, the costs that Vancouver landscaping companies charge you with is a lot lower than the local landscaping companies that are present out there in Vancouver.

There are several lawn care packages that are available with the Vancouver landscaping companies for lawn care Vancouver. These packages basically depends on the two factors, first is whether the lawn needs commercial or vancouver residential lawn care and the second is the kind of season along with the kind of treatment that your lawn would need.

The first package is the spring package and is recommended to be applied from the first week of February to the end of May. This package basically focuses on giving your lawn the essential nutrients that it would need in order to stay healthy and fresh during the summers.

The second package which Vancouver landscaping companies offer for lawn care Vancouver is the plus package. This plus package basically takes care of your lawn by giving certain treatments to your lawn through out the year. The treatment takes place through the following eight items which Vancouver landscaping companies make it themselves. These eight products include lime, fertilization on the lawn, moss spray, very deep core aeration, first along with the second summer fertilization, first and the second spring fertilization, and several fertilization that your lawn would need in the winter season which is the intense snow season.

The third package that these Vancouver landscaping companies offer  is the premium package which includes the elements of spring as well as the plus package which includes giving essential nutrients to your lawn in the summers as well as winters season and besides this, maintains your lawn through different products ( the eight products that are mentioned above). This package is highly recommended to be taken by the Vancouver landscaping companies for several reasons. First is that the total cost charged package is a lot less than taking the plus and the spring package individually. Second benefit is that it provides a complete commercial as well as vancouver residential lawn care, which is needed to a lawn through out the year. You don’t have to contact the lawn care takers again and again in order to get your lawn done.



 Most of us find difficult to treat your lawn in summers because of the intense weather condition that Vancouver faces, and you look out for some one to mow your lawn. But how will you know if your lawn wants treatment or not. Well, when you see you lawn getting untidy, grass growing UN evenly r even getting dried and see dry ness in your lawn, it is the time to immediately mow your lawn and give it a fresh look. If you are currently living in a residential area and feel these circumstances then you got to do this task as soon as you can because lawn being the front part of your home makes the looks of your home and if it won’t be proper, the entire persona of your house will be disrupted.

Where as if you find your office lawn unkempt then you have no time to wait, as it would not only give a weird look to your consumers but would also depress your mood and hence leading into a lot of loss to your business as well as account for your gloomy mood. If you feel that you don’t have sufficient time to do it then its best to hire the Vancouver landscaping companies. Vancouver landscaping refers to some of the firms that are there in Vancouver which serves purpose of lawn care Vancouver may it be commercial or Vancouver residential lawn care.

These Vancouver landscaping are the top most priority of citizens of Vancouver and most people ask them to do their lawns which the very first point that ensures Vancouver landscaping company’s durability and reliability. Besides this, there are a lot of other advantages associated with hiring them for the purpose of mowing you lawn which are as follow:

  • Vancouver landscaping companies have trained and well equipped workers which have been given special training on lawn care Vancouver.

  • Vancouver landscaping companies have a research and development department which works and searches constantly to get new improved tips and techniques on Vancouver residential lawn care as well as the general care that any lawn can need.

  • Their costs are considered to be low as well as affordable for even the people who are earning averagely in Vancouver.

  • Vancouver landscaping give you a lot of packages (which usually depends on the size of your lawn as well as the type of treatment that your lawn needs) to choose upon on mowing your lawn which ranges from weekly care to monthly care to seasonal care to annual care, and entirely depends on you to choose upon which package suits you the best in terms of costs as well the condition of your lawn.

  • Vancouver landscaping companies are punctual in a way that you don’t have to rush behind them to get your work done. Feedback has shown that these Vancouver landscaping companies come exactly on the time you ask them, start their work and even give you the results within the said tenure which is also a factor behind their huge success.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


One’s mowing abilities and habits are the core facts that will establish if your Vancouver ground is well maintained or not. Poor mowing behaviors can lead your lawn to be infected by disease, overgrown weeds, pests and other Vancouver ground problems. Below are the simple dos and donts for having a well maintained Vancouver ground at your homestead.

1) Never mow with dull blades as these will only rip the grass instead of cutting it clean. Dull blades are also prone to diseases thus one should sharpen their lawn blades at least 4 to 6 weeks especially during the summer period when we mow a lot.
2) Mowing under the bushes is not allowed as this only damages the lawn mower. Instead, if grass has grown underneath your trees, you can use the line trimmer to give it a well cut.
3) If you have fertilized your Vancouver ground recently, then do not mow it for approximately one day. This is to allow the fertilizer to do its work without interference.
4) The height at which you have your lawn mower also does matter as this will affect the height of your grass. Cutting your grass at a maximum level of three inches will allow it to develop deeper roots.
5) Ensure that your grass is not to short as short grass is prone to diseases and weeds. Keep your lawn at a level where it will be able to preserve the necessary moisture.
6) Try to level your clippings on the ground so that the Vancouver lawn can benefit from them when they mulch.
7) Never force your lawn mower to work in case it starts to slow down. If you force it, then you will likely damage both your machine and your grass thus a poorly maintained Vancouver ground.
8) Don’t mower your grass using sharp turns as this will destroy the grass crown. Instead you can always turn on the sideways instead of on the Vancouver ground.
9) Ensure you change your mowing direction every time you mow. Mowing in the same direction may make the grass to grow with difficulty. You can change your mowing style every one month so as to give the Vancouver ground a professional look.
10) When on vacation, you can always hire profession lawn companies to take care of your Vancouver grounds. Unkempt ground can be inviting to thieves as it means nobody is at home. Professionals will cut the grass on time as per your request thus promoting a well maintained Vancouver ground that should be easy to maintain when you come back from your vacation.
11) To give your lawn mower a long life, clean it immediately you are done with mowing and the machine has turned-off completely. Cleaning can be done by removing the clippings that build up on the machine.
12) For good Vancouver ground maintenance, you should mow it frequently rather than letting weeks to pass before you mow your Vancouver lawn again.


The Vancouver grounds around our homesteads usually have some environmental benefits. These benefits include offering a cooler surface than the bare soil, the grass in our lawns purify the air by producing oxygen, one acre of the ground can absorb up to hundred pounds of sulfur dioxide from the air annually and they so help stop soil erosion by absorbing water into the ground. With these many benefits that we human benefit from, we should return the favor by ensuring that our Vancouver grounds are well and properly maintained.
Maintaining your own grounds can be easy but if you want you can always hire lawn care companies to do it for you. The main purpose of Vancouver ground maintenance is to be able to make your lawn durable by making the grass greener and thick. This can be done when we control the pest and weeds that attack our lawns.
Fertilizing your Vancouver grounds as per required will ensure that your grass grows thick and deeper roots therefore enabling the grass to withstand heat waves. Apart from this, the grass will also be able to resist pest and fertilizer will control the weeds. Fertilizers offer nutrients that are not found easily. This nutrients help to nourish the grass more thus promoting a steady growth with its life span. 

The type of soil that you have in your lawn will determine the efforts you need to employ when maintaining your Vancouver Grounds. For your lawn to develop nicely through out the year, it will need a soil type that has constant supply of nutrients and water that are essential for better growth. If your type of soil does not have the necessary nutrients then you will need to supply it constantly. Watering it is also important.
Vancouver Ground maintenance also requires that you spray your lawn and garden with an effective pesticide that will kill insects and the egg larvae so that they do not re-occur in the future. For weed control and management, some fertilizers will help. Home owners can use three types of fertilizers which are;
Organic fertilizers which when use result in a good lawn and also controls the growth of weed. Organic fertilizers are not cheap but the end result will last longer thus they are said to be cost effective as you will not need to buy them every now and them.
Synthetic fertilizers are good for ensuring that water soluble nutrients are constantly supplied to aid in the growth and weed control. There only limitation is that they can leach into the water, burn humus on the ground and kill the beneficial bacteria thus limiting the steady growth of your grass.
Lastly they can use the natural fertilizers which work by stimulating the macro organisms inside the soil thus promoting growth. They also supply constant but slow and long lasting nutrients into the soil which the grass can use to promote growth over its life span. Vancouver ground maintenance can be made simple with the proper guidance and resources.